What is la piazzetta del borgo?

La piazzetta del borgo is a bed and breakfast located in the center of Borgo San Dalmazzo , Town in the province of Cuneo at the entrance of the three mountain valleys Vermenagna , Gesso , Stura . The B & B is located in Piazza Falcone and Borsellino , a few meters from the parish church of San Dalmazzo , and other buildings of the town center . The entrance and the rooms are independent and the building is isolated from the other neighbors in order to allow you to stay in a quiet corner of tranquility just steps away from the attractions of the old town . It's possible walk out and enjoy the attractions of the town for various events or even just for a dinner or a snack in one of the local present


New reviews

october 2016

New reviews in "About us"

New reviews

april 2016

New reviews in "About us"

New animated picture in Borgo how it was, how it is

november 2015

San Dalmazzo church yesterday and today on market day. from Argentina

november 2015

Thank you!

Number one on Tripadvisor

november 2015

...we are the bed and breakfast number one on Tripadvisor in Borgo San Dalmazzo. Thank you!

Review on Meridiani Montagne

may 2015

In the May issue of the magazine Meridiani Montagne, in the number devoted to paths of Resistenza, they speak about us in the Cuneo area.

New phone number

may 2015

New phone number. +39 320 035 2225. Contact us for reservations and any information.

Borgo how it was, how it is

22 november 2014

Some old vintage postcards for a comparison between yesterday and today
Borgo how it was, how it is

As we were

14 november2014

Pubblicata una nuova pagina su come era piazzetta del borgo qualche anno fa. Published a new page on how la piazzetta del borgo was a few years ago
As we were


1 novembre 2014

Starting today la piazzetta del borgo is on
La piazzetta del borgo on


october 2014

New breakfast pictures.


4 settembre 2014

Starting today la piazzetta del borgo gets firs review on Tripadvisor.
La piazzetta del borgo on Tripadvisor


2 september 2014

On 2 september 2014 online facebook page.
La piazzetta del borgo on Facebook


22 july 2014

On 22 july 2014 new website.

La piazzetta del borgo

july 2014

bed and breakfast la piazzetta del borgo begins activities in Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN)

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La piazzetta del borgo B&B

  Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN)

  piazza Falcone e Borsellino n.2

  tel. +39 320 035 2225

  La piazzetta del borgo on:



Live webcam

Webcam Borgo San Dalmazzo
(we are near the church tower)


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